Gemius synergy


Thanks to a coherent way of scripting within our other systems (e.g. gemiusPrism) we are providing our clients’ with deep analysis of users’ behavior on their websites.

Do you want to know what was the users’ path before the conversion was made? How many times users interacted with the campaign? Which traffic sources provided the highest conversion rate? We can help you to answer those questions.


gemiusDirectEffect is a third-party quantitative study. Tracking scripts embedded in the codes of the campaign's creatives and on your website are responsible for monitoring impressions and clicks on the creatives and visits on your website. The system can also optionally serve creatives, which allows advertisers and agencies to optimize their advertising campaigns in real-time.

Gemius Synergy effect

As part of the Gemius corporate strategy, we are developing holistic and integrated research methodologies.  All our tools are designed to be consistent and fully independent at the same time. Our clients can take advantage of the synergy effect, which is the result of a combination of gemiusAudience with other Gemius solutions.

gemiusProfileEffect – learn more information about the socio-demographical profile of internet users reached by your campaign. Check who engaged in your ad or visited your landing page thanks. Those information are gathered thanks to integrating data from gemiusAudience study and tracking scripts used by gemiusDirectEffect to measure your campaign.

gemiusBrandingEffect – get to know your online campaign’s impact on brand awareness, perception and message association. We use online questionnaires that are based on hard data from gemiusDirectEffect concerning internet users contact with advertising campaign or comparison of answers collected before and after the campaign.