What is gemiusDirectEffect?

gemiusDirect Effect is a third party adserving and campaign monitoring system supporting the complete flow of campaign execution from trafficking, optimisation, monitoring to reporting. Our system can measure Google Display Network, YouTube and MSN O&O sites, including Skype. Fully supported API (Application Programming Interface) for integration with your own trafficking and analytical systems allows for deeper analysis and quick access to a wide variety of indicators.

Over 120 statistics available to monitor

gemiusDirectEffect gathers data for calculating over 120 indicators, including impressions, clicks, Real Users, CTR, actions, in-screens, dwells, visits and many more.

Customizable alerting system

Is your campaign underperforming? Thanks to our customizable alerting system you will get real-time information about your campaigns performance.

Real Users not only cookies

gemiusDirectEffect measurement offers a solution for one of the biggest challenges in measuring internet audiences - it estimates not the number of cookies but the number of real people (Real Users) consuming online content. This is important, as cookies do not reflect the actual number of internet users who interacted with the campaign for many reasons, e.g. the use of different browsers, sharing of devices, cookie deletion or lack of cookies acceptance on certain operating systems (iOS).

Socio-demographical Profiles

Our system enables to learn about the socio-demographic profiles of real users exposed to the advertising campaign. It also estimates the size of the reached target group. You can define your own target groups by crossing different parameters and changing their intervals (e.g. age and education).


With the use of in-screen measurement, you can analyze the number of impressions that were actually displayed in the visible part of the browser window and the time of their visibility.


Our system allows to measure the intentional engagement with an ad by checking users’ interactions with creatives such as mouse overs, game starts, replays etc.

Multi-clicks measurement

gemiusDirectEffect allows to monitor users clicks on each part of the ad thanks to easy measurement of multi-click creatives.

Cost measurement & Optimization

You can put your media costs for each campaign placement into the gemiusDirectEffect system to monitor the total media cost and see a simulation of unit costs in different purchase models to choose the best purchase model for each placement.

Advanced on-demand reporting

Gemius mission is to support our clients with meaningful insights that enable making knowledge-driven business decisions. Apart from standard indicatotrs available in the interface we offer wide range of advanced reports:

  • Profile Report – socio-demographical profile of campaigns’ audience
  • In-screen Report – visibility of the campaign
  • Dwell Report – users’ interactions with the campaign
  • Engagement report – touch points with the campaign
  • GRP report – campaigns’ reach and frequency within a target group
  • Banner Heatmap Report – graphic information showing the most clickable spots on the banner
  • URL Report- effectiveness of campaigns’ placements
  • Duplication Report – duplication between placements and/or publishers
  • ROI Report- revenues from each  placement and creation
  • Action Report- action paths of campaigns’ audience
  • Time to Conversion Report – average time between particular action an conversion

Measure the impact of the campaign on your  website

Your advertising campaigns have a direct influence on your website.  With our system you can measure such impact comparing post-click and post-view users. Moreover it allows to gather the knowlege for how long the advertising campaign has an impact on internet users, within how long period of time you can expect post-click and post-view actions and when you should launch a new promotion.

You can check what is your campaign’s audience engagement with the website by indicators like: succesful click through rate, bounce rate, time spent, number of page views or visits. gemiusDirect Effect enables online actions, such as subscriptions or broschure downloads, allowing to monitor which elements in the campaign contributed to the final action on your website.

Pay only for the right audience!

Programmatic marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in digital marketing, especially in Western markets. RTB (Real Time Bidding) allows to deliver specific messages to specific audiences based on each Internet user’s socio-demographic profile and his online media consumption habits. The cost efficiency and targeting opportunities that RTB (Real Time Bidding) offers make it a revolutionary force on the digital advertising landscape.